Mummy, can I have some of that chocolate cake that tastes like the chocolate cake that is bad for you, but which is actually good for you?

My 5 year old son likes to claim that he is allergic to all vegetables and fruit. Of course, this is rubbish, but I do have a constant battle trying to get him to eat anything fruit or vegetable like. This has led me on a quest to find the best way to disguise fruit and vegetables in his food. The chocolate cake that he is referring to above, is actually a beetroot and chocolate cake. It is approximately 25% beetroot, with just 5 tbsp of cocoa powder, and even he can’t tell the difference. Beetroot keeps the cake beautifully moist, and as the cake is oil based it lasts longer than cakes made with butter. It is really simple to make – just stir all the ingredients together and bake in a 9 inch lined, oiled and floured cake tin for 25 mins at 180 deg! Served sprinkled with icing sugar or with your favourite icing!

Ingredients (makes 24 slices, approx. 185 calories per slice)

250ml sunflower oil
5 tbsp cocoa powder
300g caster sugar
3 eggs
225g plain flour and 1.5tsp bicarbonate soda
250g pureed beetroot